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Last Train to Kashmir

Zen Garden was originally inspired by gardens I visited in Asia along with my husband, Frank. As some of you know, Frank is a musician, so I asked him to compose something inspired by our memories of our travels, and my collection it eventually inspired—Zen Garden.

You can listen to the song here:

Combining Eastern and Western instruments, Frank incorporated slide guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, tamboura, dilruba, tabla drums and Indian harmonium. Similarly to my own process, Frank—along with his friend and collaborator, Paul Orofino—used these elements in a non-traditional way, adding their own aesthetic to create something very unique.

When I close my eyes it brings me right back to those beautiful gardens where I started to visualize the Zen Garden Collection. We hope you enjoy the song and the collection as much as we’ve enjoyed working on them!


Fairy Key Pendant – Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Pink Sapphire, London Blue Topaz & Mother of Pearl

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