About Barbara Bixby

The Barbara Bixby Collection is the latest and most personal statement from renowned designer Barbara Bixby. Her designs pair Sterling Silver and 18 Karat Gold with gorgeous semi-precious gemstones and diamond accent.

The collection incorporates her origins in sculpture along with passions for symbolism and gemstone folklore. Her unique perspective along with an obsession for detail has come together in one of the most exciting new designer collections in years.

Every piece is hand sketched by Barbara and goes through a meticulous creative process to ensure they perfectly meet her vision. This one-hand approach to design has lead to a diverse selection of jewelry with a cohesive feel.

Barbara created her first high-end company in 1985, and found success selling in retailers including Fortunoff, Pollack & Sons and several other retailers and galleries. She also ghost-designed for many of the top jewelry companies, where she learned a lot about the business of creating jewelry.

Eventually Barbara re-launched her collection with the vision of focusing on meaningful, highly-unique pieces that people would enjoy collecting and wearing, and this evolved into the company it is today.

"I love what I do as jewelry designer. I am extremely lucky to have found my direction and realized my passion early on for what would ultimately become my career. My mediums have changed, from painting and drawing to clay, stone and metal, but my love of art has remained the driving force behind my work.

I’ve had the privilege of creating collections for many highly renowned design houses. I have also enjoyed creating custom pieces for individuals, both in the entertainment industry and privately. In all cases, my ability to inspire self-expression through my jewelry is what delivers the greatest satisfaction from my work.

My influences and inspirations come from various sources, those as far-reaching as my travels through Asia and Europe and as close as my personal surroundings—my garden, the antiques we've collected, and the country-setting of our home.

I love what I do and I love to see people wear my jewelry and make it their own. The way we present our exterior is an expression of our soul and that is a work of art."

– Barbara Bixby